Multi Room Audio

We all enjoy good music and a well designed music distribution system in your home will allow all the members of the family to browse select and enjoy their own music in every room.

In conjunction with hard drive storage of your existing music collection, ipod docks, DAB and internet radio intelligent systems will also allow you to listen to internet services like Spotify, rhapsody and Napster for unlimited access to a world full of music.

Depending on the level of quality you require and how you store you music, i.e CD's. iTunes, hard drive, and how you want to access that music there is a solution for you which we can install in to your home on its own or as part of a wider system incorporating your HD video system, lighting, security and heating control.


Control in your hand, on the wall and on the TV

With your music collection stored on a central server or your iPod, there are a myriad of options for how you wish to browse and select that music.

From simple intuitive Sonos music App on your iPhone or iPad to a custom designed Crestron, RTI or RedEye interface on the in wall touch screen allowing you to browse through the music on your iPod docked in another room, or the incredible Kaleidescape interface on your TV screen, literally anything is possible.

We can demonstrate the options available to you at our show home and allow you to select the level of quality and user interface that you like most. This is the beauty of our bespoke designed systems

Hifidelity Sound

We carry a passion and strive to deliver the best sounding and looking systems your budget will allow. We use simple systems in en-suites, gyms and children’s bedrooms but then specify higher quality components in your kitchen, main lounge or dining room for example where you will be able to truly relax and enjoy music as it should sound.

Our clients often initially think that they wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a basic sounding system and a great sounding system............. a quick 20 minute demonstration of your favourite tracks on a simple pair of ceiling speakers vs the same tracks on a real music system will almost always convince you otherwise!

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