intelligent whole house lighting

Taking the concept of individual room lighting control further, we can design and install a lighting system that controls every lighting circuit in your home and gardens. By incorporating lighting control throughout the whole home you reap the benefits of what the systems are really capable of.

Bespoke engraved switches make controlling the lights in large open areas of the property or the gardens for example, a lot easier to use than the rows of unmarked rotary dimmers that you have to experiment with every time you want to set up the lights.

From setting lighting scenes throughout the entire house via the touch of a single button to prepare your home for a party, relaxing with the family or illuminating brightly throughout for the cleaners a whole house system will make operating all your lights much quicker and easier.

Functions such as all off buttons next to the main entrance ensure lights are not left on when you leave home and automated time settings such as turning on the garden and entrance lights after dark every day or programmed holiday modes to give the impression your are at home all add to the inherent value of full house lighting systems. We also provide bespoke security lighting solutions in conjunction with perimeter security system meaning upon an intruder entering the grounds at night not only will external security lights activate, but timed internal lights will activate shortly thereafter in the master bedroom and landing areas to give the impression that someone is at home and reacting to the outdoor lights turning on.


Saving Energy

Old rotary dimmers on the wall dim your lights by literally wasting the unused energy as heat and noise. Intelligent lighting systems such as Lutron, Berker and ABB all dim lights by using less energy rather than wasting it.

Systems differ between manufacturers but a rule of thumb to how much energy you will save would be dimming a light to 50% will save around 40% of the electricity. Imagine the potential saving available across a large property with 100's of light fittings. We also pre program our lighting installation to only ever dim a light up to 90% of its capacity which with the eye you cannot perceive any difference from 100% brightness but saves a around 10% of energy use and also prolongs the life span of bulbs.

remote control

Mood lighting can be operated from easy to use wall switches but also from your remote control,  in wall home automation control panel or your iPod and iPad. With our intelligent design approach we can give you as much flexibility as you require.

Should you wish to turn on the drive lights and porch light and set the kitchen to its cooking mood when you are a few minutes from home just tap a button on your iPhone and let our system do the rest.

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