Create Distinct Moods

Lighting control doesn't have to be used throughout your whole home, installing a system in your kitchen/family room, master bedroom or cinema room will bring considerable benefits.

A simple lighting control system makes creating the right mood for cooking, entertaining relaxing or reading instantly possible at the push of a pre programmed button allowing you to mix the light from lamps, wall sconces, in-ceiling fibre optics, LED feature lighting and spot lights to set the perfect level for your mood.

Our programmers work with you create and store lighting scenes and we always return after a month and then 6 months to tweak and change scenes once you have used the system for longer to ensure the end result is perfect.


retro fittable

We undertake a considerable amount of retro fitting of lighting control. It is, with a little time and effort, something that can almost always be achieved without disruption mess or redecoration.

For retro fitting we recommend only one system called Rako as it is a reliable wireless system with its dimmers and switches giving your new kitchen or cinema the benefits of mood lighting and scene setting.

remote control

Mood lighting can be operated from easy to use wall switches but also from your remote control,  in wall home automation control panel or your iPod and iPad. With our intelligent design approach we can give you as much flexibility as you require.

Should you wish to turn on the drive lights and porch light and set the kitchen to its cooking mood when you are a few minutes from home just tap a button on your iPhone and let our system do the rest.

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