Kendi evinizin konforunda sinema keyfi

Eviniz için profesyonel olarak tasarlanmış özel bir sinema odası, size büyük sinema salonlarından alacağınız film izleme deneyiminden çok daha fazlasını sunacaktır. Sinema için özel olarak tasarlanmış odalarımız, elektrikli ve efekt etkileşimli sinema koltukları, üst düzey üç boyutlu (3D) Full HD sinema projeksiyon cihazı, Dolby digital, THX sertifikalı sinema hoparlörleri ve özel akustik malzemelerin birleşimiyle, keskin gerçekçi görüntü ve mükemmel surround ses sistemi kalitesi ile sizlerin sinema keyfini üst düzeye taşımaktadır.

Ev sinema odalarında, akustik ses düzenlemesi büyük önem taşımaktadır. Yapacğımız yerlerin autocad ortamında hazırlanmış projesi üzerinden sinema odasının üç boyutlu çizimleri gerçekleştirilir. Bu sayede sinema odasının hacmi tam olarak hesaplanır. Sinema odasının mobilya yerleşimleri bu çizimlere eklenir. Sinema oturma düzenine göre hoparlör yerleşimleri yapılır. Bu adımdan sonra sinema odasının akustik hesaplamaları yapılarak duvar kaplamaları akustik ses düzenleyiciler seçilir. Son adım olarak sinema odasının 3D renderleri alınır ve müşterimizin onayına sunulur. 

With our Show Home facility we can demonstrate to you a reference quality dedicated home cinema room which will allow you to experience the level of quality of picture and sound that we can create for you and an understanding of the key areas to consider when defining you overall budget.

Every cinema room we create is completely bespoke and designed around your room, your family and how you wish to use the room. We offer a level of service to suit you from a "Turn Key" solution of complete interior and acoustic design, project management, structural build, decoration, AV installation and calibration to simply audio visual system design and installation working in conjunction with your existing tradesman. Whatever level of involvement you would like us to have in your project we have a single goal in mind - To deliver the best possible cinema experience for you budget.

Stunning Mood Lighting

When designing a dedicated Home Cinema Room an often overlooked element is the lighting. Ensuring your cinema has suitable lighting circuits and fittings to reflect how the room will be used will not only enhance the look of the room but also the performance of the system. By combining soft discrete hidden feature lights, step lights,  spot lights and anti glare wall sconces we can create the perfect lighting mood for relaxing to watch TV, settling down for a movie or even lighting a pathway to the bathroom during an intermission all at a touch of a button on your remote control.

Cinema Seats and Accessories

Comfort and Relaxation.  As you are sat in a relatively fixed position whilst watching a film, which could be up to three hours long, a comfortable seat will allow you to relax in complete comfort for the duration of the film.

Part of creating the cinema experience is tiers of cinema seats; this is probably the key factor in making your room feel like a "REAL" cinema. To this end we provide electric reclining cinema seats in a variety of styles, finishes and shapes from the best manufacturers in the business - Elite, Cineak, Fortress, D-box and Signature all of who offer standard ranges and bespoke options to perfectly match you seats to the interior design of the room.

Popcorn machines, chocolate displays and cold drink fridges for the children and beer fridges and bar areas for the adults can also be incorporated in to your room either discretely or on show again to create the perfect cinema environment for yourself and your family.

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